ITP Newsletter 2022: the environment and sustainability.
Call for Submissions
Deadline: 31 March 2022

Dear ITP Fellows,

We are asking all fellows to help us create our newsletter for 2022 – to share news, views and stories from across our global network.

The ITP Newsletter takes you on a global journey through different institutions, collections, staff and audiences. It focuses on how culture and heritage can provide a platform for new thinking, inviting challenging conversations and addressing current issues – both local and global.  It tells our fellows’ stories and is guided by the projects and programmes being delivered by our global network.

You can enjoy all our past ITP Newsletter issues on our website here.

The ITP Newsletter 2022 – our 9th issue – will focus on climate, the environment and sustainability.  Across the ITP network, museums and galleries are facing the impact of climate change and fellows and partners are working on projects and programmes to support sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.

We’d like to hear from any of our fellows about their experiences of climate change, the environment and sustainability in their institutions, their sectors or in their professional research.

There is general agreement in the cultural sector that there is a need to move towards policies to support sustainability.  Does your museum have environmentally friendly practices in place?  Have you adapted towards more green behaviour and sustainability, from recycling to managing energy use?  Are you looking again at travel plans and shipping of objects for loans?  Are you considering sustainability during exhibition design processes?  Are you delivering blended learning programmes and partnerships to avoid the need to travel to your institution?  How are you sharing the message that ‘climate matters’ with your audiences?  Are you working with your communities to share information and building awareness on climate and the environment?  Or are you helping to protect and preserve tangible and intangible heritage from the potentially devasting effects of climate change?

Here you can find our Call for Submissions which tells you all about the structure and potential content for 2022.

We will be looking forward to receiving your submissions so please send us a contribution – remember, it is ‘your’ newsletter!!!